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  • About our 501 (c)3 Foundation

    As of March 2022 we have a 501(c)3 Foundation, The North Tampa Bay Chamber Foundation

    The specific purpose of our Foundation is to conduct philanthropic and charitable works in and around the community served by the North Tampa Bay Chamber, Inc. (“The Chamber”).  The Foundation’s purposes may include the of advancement and diffusion of knowledge and understanding of economics, promoting economic development, the leadership development of the community, matters of public concern, finance, education and training, housing, science and technology, economic planning and development, international relations, human relations, diversity, equity and inclusion  and other subjects related to improved efficiency, development, acceleration of both the quality and quantity of economic growth and employment and opportunities through:
    • The undertaking of studies and research, compilation of results, and publication thereof through any appropriate media;
    • The conduct of training courses, seminars, discussion groups, forums, panels or lectures and the like; 
    • Any activity which tends to promote understanding, unification, equality and improve relationships.
    • Providing scholarships, grants and funding opportunities in and around the community served by the Chamber.

    The aim and purposes of our new Foundation is to support, scientific, educational or promotion of economic vitality. Through both direct contributions from any other organization, trust fund, fund or foundation whose purposes are charitable and align with our goals.