• Legislative Update from Rep. Danny Burgess

    2017 Florida Legislative Agenda 

    The Chamber’s Board of Directors presents the following 2017 Legislative Agenda to inform our members about the issues the Chamber will be monitoring and advocating for in 2017. It should be noted that this list is not all inclusive, and may be modified during the year. This agenda is in conjunction with the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

    Transportation and Infrastructure Investments

    We recognize that investing in Florida’s infrastructure is necessary to meet our state’s long-term needs. The Florida Chamber will work with the Florida Transportation Builders Association, Floridians for Better Transportation, and other partners to identify additional resources to fund critical infrastructure needs and will oppose the redirection of money from the State Transportation Trust Fund for non-transportation related purposes.  The Florida Chamber also supports prioritized investments in the strategic intermodal systems and future corridors, which improve and expand major trade and freight corridors.

    * Oppose any raid on the State Transportation Trust Fund.

    * Eliminate the regulatory roadblocks and incentivize governments to turn to the private sector to speed up shovel ready projects.

    * Support emerging technologies and industry needs associated with autonomous, connected, networked and electric vehicles.

    * Maintain and expand current investments in seaport, spaceport, and airport projects and intermodal logistics centers.


    We support fairness and equity in Florida’s tax system and discourages government to be in the role of determining winners and losers through unfair tax policy.

    * Clarifies that Florida never intended to tax the service fees of third parties who market hotel rooms. Provides confidence to retailers that customers are paying correctly.

    * Support “e-fairness” efforts through legislative action to require internet-only retailers to collect and remit sales tax as required by state law.

    Support eliminating or reducing the business rent tax.  Florida is the only state in the country that charges a sales tax on commercial leases.

    * Support decreasing the Corporate Income Tax rate or increasing exemptions to the Corporate Income Tax rate so businesses see a savings.

    * Extend the 10 percent cap on ad valorem taxation increases for non-homestead residential real property that is scheduled to sunset in 2019.

    Workers’ Compensation

    We support policies that ensure workers’ compensation premiums are fair and not inflated by unnecessary costs. Read our Resolution 

  • Pasco County Commission

    District 1-Ron Oakley

    District 2- Mike Moore, Chairman

    District 3-Kathryn Starkey

    District 4- Mike Wells, Vice Chairman

    District 5- Jack Mariano

  • Tampa City Council

    District 1 - Mike Suarez

    District 2 - Charlie Miranda

    District 3 - Yvonne Yolie Capin

    District 4 - Harry Cohen

    District 5 - Frank Reddick

    District 6 - Guido Maniscalco

    District 7 - Pending Special Election Results

  • Pasco County State Delegation

    Representative Burgess, Danny

    Representative Corcoran, Richard

    Senator Latvala (J), Jack

    Senator Lee (T), Tom

    Representative Mariano, Amber

    Senator Simpson, Wilton

  • Hillsborough County State Delegation

    Senator Dana Young (R)

    Senator Darryl Rouson (D)

    Senator Tom Lee (R)

    Senator Bill Galvano (R)

    Representative Jake Raburn (R)

    Representative Dan Raulerson (R)

    Representative Ross Spano (R)

    Representative Jackie Toledo (R)

    Representative Sean Shaw (D)

    Representative Janet Cruz (D)

    Representative Shawn Harrison (R)

    Representative James Grant (R) 

    Representative Wengay Newton, Sr. (D)

  • Hillsborough County Commission

    District 1 Commissioner- Sandra L. Murman, Vice Chairman

    District 2 Commissioner- Victor Crist

    District 3 Commissioner- Lesley "Les" Miller, Jr., Chaplain

    District 4 Commissioner-Stacy White, Chairman

    District 5 Commissioner (Countywide)-Ken Hagan

    District 6 Commissioner (Countywide)-Pat Kemp

    District 7 Commissioner (Countywide)- Al Higginbotham