• Free Family Wealth Planning Session

  • Offer Valid: 09/30/2022 - 12/31/2022
    Estate Planning for Small Business Owners
    Documents aren’t good planning, they come from good planning. For that reason, we always begin with a Planning Session to guide you to clarify your financial life and legacy goals before we draft a single document. Starting here ensures you choose the right plan for you based on your family dynamics, your assets, and your budget. And that your plan and our work covers the full picture of what matters most throughout your life, and after your death.

    What Happens after the Family Wealth Planning Session?

    After you’ve taken an honest look at your life and love and desired legacy, you can choose to work with Personal Family Lawyer®, Natalia Ouellette-Grice, to create exactly the legal documents you need and a roadmap for the people you choose so they can easily find what you have, and know exactly what to do with it. Your people won’t have to wonder, worry, or stress during a time of grief and loss. They’ll know how to easily take care of what matters most. 
    Your Life & Legacy Plan is much more than a stack of papers you’ll stick on a shelf and never look at again. Yes, your plan will include a will, health care directive, and power of attorney, and maybe a trust and legal guardian nominations, too. But, far more important than all of that are all the pieces that don’t get covered by cheap legal or DIY online legal template services: the parts that ensure your plan works when your family needs it.
    Your Life & Legacy Plan is the gift of love you leave for your family (chosen or blood) that shows them just how much you care. 

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