• Is your network running around naked and unprotected with other computers? If you're reading this, it might be...

  • Offer Valid: 10/25/2021 - 10/28/2022
    Let's put some protection on that thing before it's too late!

    In all seriousness...
    If your company was hit by ransomware right now, could you be operational in less than an hour? If the answer is no, or you don't know, rest assured you are not alone. Not many can answer "yes" to that question. And even more disturbing is that the majority of small business owners don't have the first clue that they are just one tiny mouseclick away from being completely shut down--some, permanently! ...happens every day.

    Tampa Bay Tech Solutions is offering a free network analysis to your small business (with 8 or more computers) that includes:

    • Network security assessment
    • Workstation performance (RAM, speed, etc.)
    • Server performance (if any)
    • Firewall performance and structure
    • LAN/WAN performance
    • Local scan rates
    • WiFi performance & speed
    • Telephone system performance
    • And we'll note any other known issues with software/program performance

    At the end of the analysis, we'll tell you where you are and where you ought to be and how to get there (if you're not already)--assuming you want to, that is. ;o)

    The choice is simple: keep running around naked and hope for the best, or...
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