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    September 09, 2019
    Exactly 6 months ago – March 8, 2019, the HeRSTORY Virtual Womens Museum officially opened its “doors”. This began an amazing (and sometimes crazy) endeavor to open a new platform for telling stories of great women through our unique conversation medium. Time moves quickly, so we wanted to recap all we and our supporters have accomplished in the short amount of time. Five small words – “My Story is Her Story”. This phrase means something very different today than a year ago . You know this tag line if you have seen the videos on our website.  www.getherstory.com
    In the last 6 months, in addition to creating video and graphic content for the virtual museum (thanks to our logo, website and graphics team) we:
    • Officially opened the doors to an amazing “Brick and mortar” location at AdventHealth Center Ice with VIP and grand opening events.  A special shout-out to Gordie Zimmermann and George Mitchell for letting us borrow your North Viewing Room and Morgan Novotny (yes, relation), Pauline, Morgan, Rob, Iggy, James and others for all the small things along the way including personalized tours!
    • Thank Jim Charos for all of your help at Signarama with the panels on the museum walls!  
    • Thank McKinley Lewis and On3PR helped during our grand opening event and for helping us formulate a PR strategy!
    • Coordinated with Hope Allen, CEO of the North Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce to help us arrange for our scholarship program
    • Hosted a meet and greet with nominees and awarded 3 scholarships to deserving local young women athletes to support their dream of going to college.  Thanks to a generous donation from Strategic Resource Group, were able to double the amount of the scholarships to $2,000 each!  Support our great scholarship recipients in the future – your donation to us will help us do more next year.
    • Sponsored a 9-week (in recognition of Title IX) trivia contest at Top Shelf restaurant and awarded top 3 teams with a total of $1,000 in prize money.  We supplied the tournament with 2 questions each week to help better educate participating teams
    • Sponsored a mentoring session by Digit with female coaches at Saint Leo University
    • Received the corporate sponsorship of MOSI for our Title IX station (https://www.getherstory.com/sponsorships) and donations valued at $1,600 in brick sponsors on the museum wall and virtually online
    • Added artifacts to the museum walls with more in process (thanks Amanda our resident framer)
    • Hosted a “See it-Be it” event for a youth group in Providence, RI
    • Received HeRSTORY lapel pins thanks to a generous donation from the Kielgas family.
    • Secured artifacts valued at over $5,000 from a liquidating auction of the closing of the Canadian Women’s Hockey League
    • Hosted the first ever on-site recording of The Grit podcast by Digit Murphy featuring Gordie Zimmermann, Hope Allen, Scholarship recipient Carly Norman and an ask the athlete segment with local girls
    • • Initiated our own apparel store on SquadLocker. All merchandise will support future expansion, scholarships and new museum locations and content.  Go to Squadlocker.com, click Find Your Store tab and enter “Herstory”
    • Created a step-repeat backdrop for events and graphics for a new mobile pop-up version of the museum that will be unveiled soon.
    • With the expertise of TitaniumSocial, created a video tour of the museum
    • Began expanding the content with a dozen more Herstory videos in process of athletes and VIPs at the Aurora Games Fesitval last month..
    • Coordinated with several groups for new museum locations including one being planned at an Ivy League school.
    • Working towards nominating a local hero to be recognized in the next 6 months.
    There is still much to do!  Our next big mission is to create a first-class social media platform to expand our digital footprint through greater social media presence and expansion/overhaul of our website. If you know someone who can help with these items (or can help fund this aspect), please let us know!  Facebook, twitter, Instagram are targeted platforms to continue to expand our footprint beyond the virtual museum website.
    None of this could have been possible without supporters to assist us with their willingness, passion, time, talent, and help with our mission. Our website includes a page to recognize all of our individual and business supporters so far at https://www.getherstory.com/supporters. Your assistance and generous in-kind support is greatly appreciated. Feel free to link our website to yours as well so we can spread the word. If you wish to continue to help in any capacity, please let us know.  We are always looking for more minds, hands, scholarship donations, artifacts and capital to do more.  No donation or sponsorship is too small…or too large!  If you know someone that wants to give us a lot of money, we would be willing to consider it! Also, let us know if HeRSTORY can to support your initiatives. Through collaboration and working together we can all do more!
    If you want your own HerSTORY museum panel, let us know. The cost varies by size and content and will include our cost of getting the panel produced and installed plus a little extra so we can continue to sustain the drive.
    Thanks again! Let’s make the next 6 months even more eventful and impactful!  
    Interesting fact of the day - Did you know that the Equal Rights Amendment passed the US Congress in 1972, but thus far has not been ratified by the necessary number of states to become a US Constitutional Amendment? Yes, hard to believe! Just one more state needs to ratify it to bring the number to the required number of 38 states.  Guess which state is one that has not ratified yet?  You guessed it, the state where our museum sits – Florida. These 13 states have not ratified yet...Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, Virginia.  Could HeRSTORY become a catalyst in bringing about the change needed to gain ratification?
    Jeff Novotny & Digit Murphy – Herstory Museum Co-Creators and Co-Curators
    Send any suggestions, requests, questions or funding support to info@getherstory.org or contact Jeff at 813-505-7597.