• Request for Proposal


    Request for Proposal

    The Greater Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce has become one chamber with the Greater Pasco Chamber of Commerce and is seeking proposals to develop a comprehensive brand for the new chamber. Members in good standing are invited to submit a proposal to include the following  primary objectives for this campaign: development and implementation of a new name, logo, strong community brand; and presenting the Greater Wesley Chapel, New Tampa, New Port Richey, Trinity, Odessa as a desirable location for businesses and individuals. The Transition Committee represents a cooperative effort between Greater Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce and the former Greater Pasco County Chamber of Commerce. The Greater Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors will give final approval for all work performed.


    In January, the GWCC and GPCC entered into an Affiliate agreement where members of either chamber could join the other chamber at a reduced rate.  Since that time, the relationship between the chambers has grown, and the leaders of both chambers recently voted to become one chamber. 

    Consolidating the two chambers make us the largest chamber and business advocacy group in Pasco County and one of the largest in the Tampa Bay Area. Together, our vision is to provide a better breadth of services and we will be able to serve the overall regional community and our members.  We believe one united chamber is better positioned to work with local governments, economic development agencies and businesses looking to locate/expand in our community. 

    The Chamber currently partners with the Pasco EDC to provide a SmartStart Incubator and has other opportunities to expand its’ partnership work in this area as well as partnerships for promoting tourism.

    As the committee begins exploring the branding vision for the community, members concluded extensive research would be required to create a brand that includes the surrounding communities and demonstrates the unique qualities to make it an attractive place in which to live, visit and do business. Since all areas are unincorporated and encompasses three  counties, the brand development is challenging and requires specific expertise from a firm or individual specializing in community branding.

    The primary objectives of the initiative include, but are not limited to:

    a. Uniformity - The brand should convey a common message and image to audience both within and outside of the region.

    b. Community Identity/Pride - Identify and promote what makes the communities appealing in and regionally competitive environment to investors, businesses, retailers, visitors and residents. It will be key to be able to present ourselves as a regional entity that local government, economic development councils and large businesses can work with while still retaining the local focus/pride the communities and small businesses feel. While we primarily serve Pasco County, both chambers have members and serve areas of northern Hillsborough (GWCC serves New Tampa, GPCC serves New Port Richey, Trinity, Odessa and Lutz both of which span Pasco, Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties).

    c. Community and Economic Development Promotion - Promote a healthy economy; attract private investment; attract new residents and young professionals; retain key businesses and creative talent. Present a defined message to promote the Communities locally, statewide, nationally, and internationally as a desirable place to live, work, play, and do business, as well as the right location for development, redevelopment and investment, the perfect combination for a business-friendly community.

    d. Flexibility - The brand must be flexible and adaptable in order to meet the needs of a variety of partners, including agencies within the region, as well as groups and businesses with their own specific marketing initiatives, while maintaining consistency with the overall brand. It must also be flexible enough to evolve and adapt to changes in the market.

    e. Endorsement - The brand must be authentic and resonate with citizens, businesses and community groups and throughout the region to gain the broadest possible support for the initiative. It must be relevant to the area community, but also reflect the desire to continue to grow and progress as a community.

    Response to this RFP should include the following elements:


    1. Development of a name for the chamber- presentation of 3 options and provide recommendations/cost for testing these names with key constituents
    2. Creative Development – The respondent will develop creative elements which include design concepts, logos, messages, taglines, and other features to support the overall brand initiative. A minimum of three distinct creative options must be presented, based on the results of the research. The selected logo design will be delivered with a style manual and guidelines for use and the capacity for utilization in the following:
      1. Print and electronic advertising
      2.  Integrate all elements into current website/s, social media, and other interactive platforms
      3.  Media placement
      4.  Public Relations
      5.  Event Materials
      6.  Flyers
    3. Implementation Plan – The respondent will develop an Action Plan for implementation of the brand in sufficient detail to enable the Chamber of Commerce and Committee to understand the approach and work plan. An Action Plan should include, but not be limited to the following:

    i.Estimated costs/budget associated with the implementation process.

    ii.Proposed timelines for development of creative elements.

    iii.Evaluation Plan - The respondent will develop a plan for ongoing evaluation of the brand’s effectiveness.


    1. Must be a member in good standing with the Greater Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce (includes members in good standing who came from the Greater Pasco Chamber of Commerce).
    2.  The respondent should specialize in project management, research, marketing, and creative design as it relates to development of a community brand. To be eligible to be awarded this project, the respondent must demonstrate significant experience with branding initiatives.

    3. The Greater Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce desires to issue a single contract to a qualified respondent to lead the project. Proposals based on a consortium approach in which more than one firm provides support or services within a consulting team are acceptable. List the key personnel and their individual responsibilities for this project. Include the extent of each person's participation and their related experience. Indicate the approximate percentage of the total work to be performed by each project team member.

    Related Experience

    The proposal should address the respondent's overall capacity to lead the destination branding process. Resumes of the individuals who will perform the work outlined in this proposal, including their capabilities and experience conducting similar work should be included in an appendix.

    Industry Knowledge

    The proposal should provide in detail the respondent's experience in marketing for chambers, economic development, relocation and tourism, in addition to a brief synopsis explaining the respondent's philosophy on Destination Branding.

    Specific Proposal Preparation Instructions

    The proposal should include an Action Plan, along with applicable timeline. Please keep in mind the Greater Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce's general expectations as outlined above. Client References: Each party should provide three professional references for similar work which has been performed by your firm including the names, addresses, titles and telephone numbers of the person most familiar with the work. Project profile of other brands the agency has developed are highly recommended.


    This Request for Proposals does not obligate the Greater Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce to pay any costs incurred in the preparation of the response to this Request for Proposal or to award a contract for services. The Greater Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals received as a result of this request, to negotiate with any qualified source(s), or cancel, in part or entirely, this RFP, if it is in the best interest of the Chamber of Commerce. All work performed on behalf of the Greater Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce becomes the property of the Greater Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce including, but not limited to, hard copies, CD's, DVD's, databases, research, etc. All final reports prepared under the contract shall be the property of the Greater Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce and may not be used or reproduced in any form without the explicit written permission of the Greater Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce.


    Respondent must submit one (1) original proposal and four (4) printed copies, as well as one (1) electronic copy to Hope Allen. Submission information must include all of the above referenced information, including the following:

     a. Client References

     b. Previous work with contact information


    Proposals must be submitted by Friday, July 28, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. to:


    Hope Allen, President/CEO

    Greater Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce

    6013 Wesley Grove Blvd. #105, Wesley Chapel, FL 33544

    Via email to hallen@wesleychapelchamber.com

    Any questions regarding this request for proposal should be directed to Hope Allen, 813-994-8534