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  • The North Tampa Chamber of Commerce has worked with UBS Financial Services to create a Multiple Employer Plan 401(k) retirement plan to benefit NTBC members. This plan will allow NTBC members to aggregate their retirement plan assets for purchasing power while maintaining plan design flexibility.  NTBC members are able to start the adoption process into the new plan immediately.
    There are several benefits to adopting into the NTBC 401(k) Plan, including:
    Economies of scale plan pricing
    Improved plan services
    Fiduciary outsourcing
    Administrative outsourcing
    Ability to retain individual plan design features
    UBS will perform a complimentary cost & benefit comparison of your current plan to the new Appalachian Hardwood 401(k) Plan. This plan comparison requires no work on your part! All that UBS needs to run this complimentary cost & benefit comparison is a one page data authorization signed. After this document is signed  UBS gathers the necessary data from your retirement plan vendors. 
    We are excited that NTBC is offering this benefit and encourage you to take advantage of the new Appalachian Hardwood 401(k) Plan
    For more information please contact:
    Nicholas.koen@ubs.com or 813-227-2807

    Aishka.lugo@ubs.com or  813-903-6698